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Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without ever ...

It's got hundreds of ready-to-use examples to choose from, and is guaranteed to help you find the perfect starting point for what you want to build. Learn more. Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building modern websites without ever leaving your HTML.

Installation - Tailwind CSS

Get started with Tailwind CSS. Tailwind CSS works by scanning all of your HTML files, JavaScript components, and any other templates for class names, generating the corresponding styles and then writing them to a static CSS file. It's fast, flexible, and reliable — with zero-runtime.

Documentation - Tailwind CSS

We just released Tailwind CSS v2.1 which brings the new JIT engine to core, adds first-class CSS filter support, and more! Just-In-Time: The Next Generation of Tailwind CSS Mar 15, 2021

Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without ever ...

Rapidly build modern websites without ever leaving your HTML. A utility-first CSS framework packed with classes like flex, pt-4, text-center and rotate-90 that can be composed to build any design, directly in your markup. Get started. $ npm install tailwindcss.

Responsive Design - Tailwind CSS

Every utility class in Tailwind can be applied conditionally at different breakpoints, which makes it a piece of cake to build complex responsive interfaces without ever leaving your HTML. There are five breakpoints by default, inspired by common device resolutions: Breakpoint prefix. Minimum width.

O que é Tailwind CSS? Um guia para iniciantes - freeCodeCamp.org

29 de set. de 2022 · O Tailwind é um framework do CSS que nos fornece classes utilitárias de propósito único que são, em sua maioria, opinativas e que nos ajudam a projetar nossas páginas da web diretamente de dentro de nossos arquivos de marcação ou .js/.jsx/.ts/.tsx.

Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without ever ...

Tailwind automatically removes all unused CSS when building for production, which means your final CSS bundle is the smallest it could possibly be. In fact, most Tailwind projects ship less than 10kB of CSS to the client. Learn more, optimizing for production

Tailwind CSS - 只需书写 HTML 代码,无需书写 CSS,即可快速构建美观的网站 ...

Tailwind UI 可以帮你跑得更快。. Tailwind UI 是一个美观、完全支持响应式布局的 UI 组件库,是由我们(Tailwind CSS 的创作团队)设计并 开发的。. 该组件库包含了数百个现成的示例供你选择, 并且保证能让你找到一个完美的模板作为 你千里之行的起点。. Tailwind CSS ...

Install Tailwind CSS with Create React App - Tailwind CSS

Setting up Tailwind CSS in a Create React App project. We highly recommend using Vite , Next.js , Remix , or Parcel instead of Create React App. They provide an equivalent or better developer experience but with more flexibility, giving you more control over how Tailwind and PostCSS are configured.

Flex - Tailwind CSS

Tailwind lets you conditionally apply utility classes in different states using variant modifiers. For example, use hover:flex-1 to only apply the flex-1 utility on ...

Guia completo para iniciantes sobre Tailwind CSS

14 de ago. de 2023 · O Tailwind CSS oferece um sistema de grid flexível e responsivo que simplifica a criação de layouts complexos. Para começar, você pode usar classes como grid, grid-cols-2 e gap-4 para criar uma estrutura de grid com 2 colunas e um espaçamento entre as células de 1rem. Veja um exemplo de código:

Tailwind UI - Official Tailwind CSS Components Templates

Production-ready website templates, built the way you want them. Visually-stunning, easy to customize site templates built with React and Next.js. The perfect starting point for your next project and the ultimate resource for learning how experts build real websites with Tailwind CSS. Explore all templates →.

Install Tailwind CSS using PostCSS - Tailwind CSS

Installing Tailwind CSS as a PostCSS plugin is the most seamless way to integrate it with build tools like webpack, Rollup, Vite, and Parcel. Install Tailwind CSS Install tailwindcss and its peer dependencies via npm, and create your tailwind.config.js file.

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